Real State & Property

Real State & Property

Real Estate & Property

The thriving economy of the United Arab Emirates as a global business hub has attracted investments worth billions of dollars from across the globe in various sectors where real estate & property outshines the rest. The UAE government has formed Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) to endorse an effective and transparent set of real estate & property laws, to protect rights of all stakeholders and to incorporate best international practices that ensure UAE stays a steady global leader.

Due to the magnitude of investments involved, real estate & property cases require skilled and vigilant handling. Our reputed team of Real Estate Lawyers at Hassan Al Ali Advocates & Legal Consultants have the expertise to take pro-active measure and guide our clients at every stage in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We possess the resources, commitment and proficiency to deal with complex property transactions. We assist clients to buy, sell, lease or transfer property, and handle all aspects of the process.

Our professional real estate legal consultants provide comprehensive, complete and integrated procedures from the start of each transaction and lawsuit in order to avoid any future disputes.

We take up litigation after trying out all other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as arbitration, mediation, conciliation etc. These proceedings are commenced just to ensure prompt delivery of justice to our clients and does not undermine our legal efficiency.

Our professional real estate lawyers in Dubai are experienced in effectively representing international developers related to unexpected demands of payments, delay in delivery, lack of assured quality, lack of progress on the project etc. We try to negotiate for a cordial settlement, but when the negotiations fail; we resort to the legal process for enforcing the rights of our client.

The strong roots of Hassan Al Ali Advocates & Legal Consultants in the UAE empower the firm with unparalleled local understanding of the real estate sector-related laws and regulations of all parts of UAE, enabling us to serve our clients in their best interest.

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