Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

The United Arab Emirates is enriched with oil & gas resources, holding 4% of the world’s oil reserves and 3.5% of gas reserves. To manage and preserve these resources and protect the rights of our clients involved in the oil & gas sector, formulation and implementation of a comprehensive and transparent oil & gas law is necessary.

Our skilled lawyers at Hassan Al Ali Advocates & Legal Consultants possess extensive knowledge and experience of national and international laws governing the oil & gas sector, which empowers them to serve and represent our local and international clients across the Middle East and the UAE.

We advise companies, investors, and lenders engaged in all facets of oil and gas exploration, development, production, transportation, refining, marketing, distribution, and field services and also help them in drafting, reviewing, administration and engineering of all types of energy contracts relating to the oil & gas industry.

We have also been consulting in merger and acquisition transactions, competition and environmental issues, regulatory applications, hearings and related matters, ownership and operational issues and structuring, negotiating and preparing the project.

Our aim is to offer a comprehensive advisory and legal services, ensuring our clients’ business objectives are fulfilled while considering the requirements of other stakeholders.

The multidisciplinary team of attorneys at Hassan Al Ali Advocates & Legal Consultants guarantee proficient and effectively integrated legal services that cater to the full spectrum of issues an oil & gas company might face in the course of doing business in the UAE.

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