Labour & Employment

Labour & Employment

Labour & Employment Law

Employment law primarily concerns the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees. For both parties it’s impossible to comfortably know enough about employment law to protect their rights, prevent disputes or simply to be up to date on the developments of the employment law in the UAE. Our employment law lawyers and legal consultants understand the challenges of being an employer and the need of having a business strategy that sets rules and regulations for employees and managers while providing a clear understanding of the employer’s expectations. Having said, that even when you have everything in place, you still might face challenges with your employees having different expectations from you or the company.

At Hassan Al Ali Advocates & Legal Consultants, our employment law lawyers strive for practical solutions, while having the interest of our clients central. Our team is experienced in advising individuals as well as corporate businesses in a range of employment matters that includes but is not limited to:  health and safety, discrimination, appointment and termination, non-competition and non-solicitation, recruitment, employee policies, dispute resolution, immigration, visa processes and employment contracts on UAE Federal level as well as free zone jurisdictions. We bring our clients peace of mind by standing on their side and by offering the full solution from meditation between employer and employee, dispute resolution and bringing them the justice they deserve at all UAE courts.

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