Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Hassan Al Ali Advocates & Legal Consultants has gelled in a team of accomplished lawyers and expert trademark, copyright, patent & design professionals to advise clients on the legal, regulatory and commercial aspects of intellectual property.

We help businesses expand the strategic value of their innovations in all areas of science & technology by teaming up in transactions and helping them develop effective internal business process, integrating innovation and IP management, as we value IP as a vital business tool.

We excel in the procurement, management and maximization of the value of the intellectual property through transactions that involve trade secrets, patents, trademark, and copyright, and transactions that involved the internet, e-commerce, corporate and secured transactions, electronic crime, technology transfer, licencing and related services.

Our Lawyers are skilled and understanding in working with intricate technologies in diverse areas and have extensive experience of dealing with UAE Patent & Design Law, Intellectual Property Law, Trademark Law and UAE’s Copyright and Authorship Law, and have been successfully protecting our clients’ IP rights in national and international courts.

In the case of a potential infringement or dispute, we provide a complete range of options. Our intellectual property lawyers are capable of enforcing rights against counterfeiters and copiers of renowned brands, enforcement proceedings with the relevant ministries/government departments and the UAE civil and criminal courts.

We promptly act to protect the intellectual property rights and interests of our clients from the beginning and guide them through the practical use and effective commercialisation of intellectual property.

We specialize in providing customized intellectual property consultancy to major global and regional brands.

Local origin of Hassan Al Ali Advocates & Legal Consultants, in consolidation with the prowess of our intellectual property law professionals, empowers us to extend resourceful and practical guidance, in accordance with international requirements and standards, along with UAE specific laws, regulations, practices and market customs.

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