Construction & Civil Works

Construction & Civil Works

Construction & Civil Works

The UAE’s prolific economic growth has resulted in a remarkable expansion in the infrastructure of the country and overall construction industry. Such massive development wouldn’t have existed without clear and comprehensive construction & civil works law, governing the relationships of all parties.

Considering preceding factors, Hassan Al Ali Advocates integrated a team of experienced and skilled lawyers of UAE to meet the requirements of the growing economy, clients and construction industry. Our proficient team of legal professional guides clients through the rapidly evolving network of regulatory, legislative and industry-specific rules & regulations in the UAE.

Our esteemed clientele includes owners, general contractors, EPC contractors, architects, engineers, subcontractors, suppliers, sureties and insurers, who can rely on our expert attorneys in Dubai with all aspects of their construction-related concerns.
We help them with contract drafting and negotiation, procurement advice, bid disputes and protests, non-insured commercial contract disputes, claims and requests for equitable adjustment, insurance coverage, construction defects and losses, including bodily injury and property damage cases in UAE courts.

Hassan Al Ali Advocates & Legal Consultants has unmatched experience in both arbitrating and litigating construction & civil cases across a wide variety of projects and industries.
Our extensive specialist knowledge of the rights and obligations of all stakeholders involved and expertise of our legal team in resolving a complex variety of construction legal cases enables us to counsel our clients in prompt and efficient manners.

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